Ottawa Pardons

Pardons OttawaOttawa Pardons processes approximately six thousand pardon and waiver applications every year on behalf of Canadians, and is a leader in the pardons and waivers industry.  Before applying for a pardon in Canada you must meet the eligibility requirements.  For summary offenses you must wait 5 years before applying, and for indictable offenses you must wait 10 years before applying.   You must also make sure that you have paid any outstanding court-ordered fines, restitution, or probation before applying for a pardon in Canada.

You can, however, apply for a pardon several months prior to your eligibility date so that when the date arrives you will be ready to submit your pardon application to the Parole Board of Canada.  However, if you are not close to your eligibility date for a pardon and need to travel to the United States, you can apply for a waiver to enter the United States.  Ottawa Pardons also provides waiver application services.  If you have a criminal record, you are not eligible to enter the United States legally without a waiver.

In addition to a waiver all Canadian citizens are now required to have a valid Canadian Passport to enter the United States.  Travel agents in Canada are now required to collect a traveler’s passport information when selling them an international ticket.  If you have any questions about pardons or waivers, our professional staff at Ottawa Pardons are available to answer them to make you feel more comfortable with the pardon and waiver application process in Canada.